About our meditation classes

Song Birds by Sri ChinmoyMeditation is a practice which is essentially simple, yet profound in its effect. It helps us quieten the mind and enter into the heart. It is a way of tapping into a source of tremendous strength we have within us. Sri Chinmoy wrote, ‘When we meditate, what we actually do is enter into the deeper part of our being. At that time we are able to bring to the fore the wealth that we have deep within us.’

At Sri Chinmoy’s request, these meditation classes are free, offered as a service, as Sri Chinmoy himself never charged for his teaching, his inspiration.

In the introductory classes you can learn a variety of techniques to
help you meditate:

  • Control of the breath (pranayama). The first step.
  • Concentration (tratak). To focus your attention.
  • Meditation on the spiritual heart. Expanding your awareness.
  • Mantra Chanting, to quieten the mind.
  • Meditation with music.
  • Meditation on specific qualities – peace, joy, love.

We will also discuss ways of integrating your meditation practice into your everyday life, setting out on your own inner journey.

‘Meditation helps us to live from moment to moment.’

Sri Chinmoy